Training a Dog

Training a dog doesn’t need to be a difficult task. If you do your homework and find the appropriate training method, you will find training a dog to be an enjoyable experience. So what does it take to train dog?

The first thing you should do is find the training method that best suits both you and your dog. To find the right style, you should do some research on the internet, read books on different training methods and ask for recommendations from friends and neighbors. Finding the training method that you feel most comfortable with and that fits your dog’s personality will make the job of training your dog so much more enjoyable.

There are several training methods that are worth looking into. Following is a brief explanation of some of the more widely used training methods.

A commonly used method is the traditional style of training a dog. This method uses the choke collar or prong collar. As you train your dog to follow commands, you use a gentle “pop” on the leash which causes pressure on the dog’s neck. Some people think that this style is harsh. It is important that you utilize a professional trainer when using this style to assure that you are using the collar correctly.

Another training style is positive dog training. This method uses treats and positive reinforcement to train your dog. When your dog does something correctly the dog is given a treat. A treat is also quite often used to lure your dog to do the appropriate commands. Gradually, the treats are phased out. Verbal praise is also used in positive dog training and eventually takes the place of the treats. Usually a flat buckle type collar is used with this technique rather than a choke or prong collar.

Dog whispering is the latest trend in dog training. With dog whispering, you learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that he understands or that is intuitive to him. Advocates of this method also call this DSL or Dog as a Sensory Language. This training style can be very effective if done correctly and is especially effective for dogs with aggressive tendencies. This method teaches you how to communicate with your dog on a different level that establishes a very special bond that is fulfilling for both the dog and the owner.

Most dog trainers will use a combination of all of the above methods when training a dog. If one training technique isn’t effective, you try a different technique and find what is most effective for you and your dog.

The second thing you must do when training your dog is to provide solid leadership. It is very important that you become the alpha or leader in your relationship. If a dog senses that you are not truly the leader, you may have difficulties training if your dog tends to be an alpha.

To help accomplish this, you can do a few easy things. Don’t let your dog sleep on your bed. Always eat first, then feed your dog. Make your dog go into a down while you are eating. Make your dog earn his meal by sitting before you give him his food bowl. Also be sure that you go in and out of doors first rather than your dog charging through.

Lastly, you must provide consistency. It is very important that you train several times a day for short sessions. Several 5 minute training sessions are more effective than one large 30 minute session. Also be sure to provide consistency with the rules. For example, don’t sometimes let your dog on the couch, but then other times he isn’t allowed. Your dog will just get confused and he won’t know what you are asking of him.

If you first find the training methods that work best for you, provide appropriate leadership and consistency in your training, you will find that training a dog is not a difficult task at all and can be a very fun and rewarding experience.

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