Traditional to Electronic Dog Fences

One of the most important responsibilities of owning a dog is maintaining their well being and keeping them from harm which their curiosity may lead them. For dog lovers, a dog containment system may seem a bad idea. Even though dogs should be free to play and explore their surroundings, their curiosity should be limited to places where they might get an accident. Even for a trained dog there are instances that they are provoked by their animal instinct to run across the road to chase other animals Ergo buying a dog fence that will keep you dog to a specified boundary is highly recommended.
In the past where electronic dog collars were not yet developed, most pet owners rely on traditional dog fences made of wood which is not that effective against stubborn large dogs that usually jump across the fence or even drill under the fence.
As technology continues to improve, several innovations were developed not only for the benefit of humanity but to man’s best friend as well. One of these innovations in dog care technology is electronic dog fence which comes in two types but all function as pet containment system that is safe and reliable. With so many electronic pet fences to choose from, it is wise to review which is better in keeping your dogs away from off-limit areas. The following are the two most popular modern dog containment products available in the market.
Electric Dog Fence
Electric dog fence uses a wire buried along the perimeter of the yard. When your dog starts getting near the edge of the specified boundary, a mild electric shock alerts your dog to go back. Electric dog fence is perfect for areas that have zoning laws and which prohibits the use of a traditional fence.
The downside of electric dog fence is that when stubborn large dogs eagerly chase something he likes, it is possible that the small electric charge will not be enough to deter him. Furthermore if your dog is on the other side of the fence, he might be troubled on getting inside the fence because the electric collar works regardless of what side your dog is on.
Invisible Dog Fence
On the other hand invisible dog fence is design not only to contain a particular dog to a specified boundary but to train them as well. Upon buying an invisible dog fence from a reputable pet store, a representative will come to your house to install and train your dog how to react from the sounds emitted by the dog collar. Invisible dog fence system includes a receiver collar and a transmitter which is set for a given boundary. The receiver collar is worn by your dog while the boundary can be either a buried wire or a wireless transmitter.
Humanity has come a long way from having a traditional fence made of wood, to a digital invisible/electric fence which will help contain your dog. Who knows what technology will offer next in order to properly guide your dog not only as a pet but also as part of the family.

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