Toilet training tips for cats – Part 3

Cats and litter boxes go hand in hand. Most kittens will instinctually use litter as opposed to your rug or bedding out of a natural preference for its texture and the ability to bury the “goods”. If your kitten happens to be hesitant or just doesn’t seem to get the point it usually only takes a small amount of coaxing to achieve this milestone. First off I cannot emphasize enough that rubbing their nosis in ot as you might with a puppy during housebreaking just doesn’t seem to work with cats. Thay have too much “cat-itude” to be so easily convinced. A great direct way to solve this problem is natural additives that can be found at any pet store. As the owner the brand is your choice whether it be all – natural, organic, etc. You may might to research your choices on the net and look for consumer websights that allow people to post their experiences with the products, Consumer Reports is a good basic choice for brand names. These additives that are mixed with the litter draw cats like moths to a flame. You will find all the cats in your house fascinated with their litter box for quite some time! The urge to urinate on the litter is overwhelming for them. If one additive doesnt work please dont despair and just try another. It usually only takes the right odor to draw your kitten in, some are just more picky then others. As we all know, cats have their own destinct personalities ad preferences, and this is just another preference for them. If your kitten doesn’t like the first brand of food you give him would you just say, “Well I guess food isnt working.” ? Exactly. Call your local pet stores and find out about return policies so you save some cash during this period (chain stores like Petco and Petsmart usually have some sort of return policy). Feel free to supplement the use of a litter additive with basic training, cats are smart and they know what your telling them if you tell them correctly. If you catch your kitten in the act of defiling your sofa or favorite throwrug immediately pick him up and bring him to the litter box, place him there and hold him their for a moment. The let go, when he tries to flee from the box, which is the most common reaction, you must scoop him up and put him back. Repeat that only about three or four times, cats easily get frustrated with us when we don’t do what they want,but we all knew that right? The goal isnt to frustrate him, just make sure he knows why this is being done. Of course he wount realize it the first two

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