Toilet training tips for cats – Part 14

Toilet training tips for cats.

Training a kitten to use a litter box is certaintly one of the easiest tasks to do. Before you bring your new kitten home, make sure you already have the necessary supplies.

Supplies for toilet training a cat would include a litter box, and a bag of litter. Litter that clumps with baking soda for the lessening of odor works very well.

Here comes the easy part. Pick up your new kitten and introduce it to the litter box.

Hold the kitten gently with your hands having control of the kittens front paws. Take the kittens paws and gently dig their paws back and forth in the litter a few times. This is all it should take for your kitten to learn to use the litter box.

This method will work for older cats also. It has always worked for my wonder kitty’s. Simple and sure.

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