Toilet training tips for cats – Part 1

When it comes to toilet training cats, I’ll admit that I have limited experience. However, I have found a product that, so far, has been absolutely foolproof. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter literally (ha!) housetrained two adopted feral cats in about 5 minutes! There may be other products like this from other brands, but I think it’s worth looking for.

I had been struggling with these two cats, a mother and kitten, for several weeks. I tried a number of different kinds of litter, tried different positions in the house for the litter box, and nothing was working. The cats still insisted on going outside to do their business, or I’d find a mess by the door in the morning. Finally, I heard about this Cat Attract and tried it. The cats seemed to be drawn to it immediately. From that moment on, they have never had a problem with accidents. Once the cats were comfortable using the litter box, I switched to a cheaper type of litter, with nary a consequence.

For a nearly effortless solution to toilet training cats, I highly recommend trying a cat-attracting litter.

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