Toilet training tips for cats

I have always had a love for cats and I have taken many in through the years. If I have to many at a time I try to find them good homes where I know they will receive proper care. I have always found that it is very easy to litter box train cats. All you really have to do is show them where the litter box is and they do the rest by themselves.

I have found that it easier to train a cat while it is still young. If it is a small kitten then place her in an enclosed room while in the training process with plenty of food, water and her litter box. It is best to do this for at least the first week of bringing her home especially at night time. Allow her to get used to using the litter box and then let her out of the room and about once an hour place her back into the litter box to train her.

I have found that cats are very smart creatures that are clean by nature. So as long as you regularly clean the liter box they will continue to use it without any problems. Even if the cat was an outdoor cat before they typically pick up on using a cat litter box quickly.

If your cat does have an accident around the house pick it up and place it in your litter box. the scent will draw them to the litter box when they need to go next time.

That is one reason cats make such great pets, they are very self sufficient and teach themselves where to go the the bathroom.

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