To breed or not to breed dogs – Part 1

Most people will tackle the subject of whether or not to breed dogs in terms of capabilities and knowledge. While I agree with most of these topics I feel it is a no brainer to hope that one would only breed dogs if they are knowledgeable! This brings me to my opinion. I think as a society we need to stop breeding dogs without a specific purpose (working dogs), at least for a long while. I care about all animals but mostly, I love dogs. There are hundreds of shelters that have to put down loving, sweet, and perfectly behaved dogs simply because no one wants them or even knows they’re there.

First of all, I think the only important breeding is when you are breeding working dogs; dogs that are used for assistance, therapy, rescue, herding, etc. It is time to stop breeding dogs as a way to make money or just something to do. Dogs will love you with all their heart regardless of the fact that they are purebreds or mutts. I have had both types of dogs in my life and to be honest, the mutts were easier to train. Not to mention the fact that rescuing those sweethearts from a shelter was not only rewarding but heart warming and it made me feel like I was making a difference.

I strongly disagree with the ridiculous pricing of purebred dogs as well as the standards of living these dogs are kept in when not being bred by a loving and well trained dog breeder. Many pet store use the services of puppy mills where they DO NOT care about the health, comfort, or outcome of any of the dogs they bring into this world. Some of these dogs are never shown a loving touch or a soft, warm place to sleep at night. Many people bite off more than they can chew when they get a pet, sometimes dogs are purchased for the wrong reasons and they are left behind, discarded in shelters or even the streets.

Have you ever been to an animal shelter and seen first hand the way these poor creatures look up at you with hope in their eyes? They are so smart and they know they are somewhere that death might be waiting around the corner if they aren’t lucky enough to be adopted into a caring family. Dog breeding increases the number of dogs left unloved and filling up shelters that are doing the best they can for these lovely canine friends. But there is only so much they can do. With pet stores in many malls and unqualified breeders bombarding the internet with their discount purebreds, many people are lured away from the experience of rescuing a possible best friend.

Next time you are considering whether dog breeding is for you, browse the internet for all the shelters in your area and maybe, just maybe this will stop you from bringing dogs into the world when there are more than enough pups needing homes and have never done anything wrong but want so desperately to have your love and affection. Trust me, there is a dog out there that wants to and CAN change your life!

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