Tips to keep your dog from chasing squirrels

The best thing an owner can do for their dog is to obedience training train the dog. Being a responsible dog owner is an easy task, although it does take a commitment from the owner and an investment in time. It doesn’t matter if the dog is taken to a professional trainer or if the owner does the training. Most breeds are very easy to train and it just takes repetition on the owners part. The commands, sit, stay, down, and the most important command which is come, are the commands every dog should know. If you have one of the more difficult breeds to train then get a professional. An untrained dog is an unhappy dog, and an untrained dog usually has an unhappy owner. It takes about four to six weeks to properly obedience train a dog. The dog then needs constant refresher training until it is about three years old. After three years of dedicated training the dog can become automatic. It will become a dog you can trust in many tempting situations.

So if it’s squirrel chasing, other dogs, cars, or polar bears it just boils down to if the dog is obedience trained. We need to get a license to drive a car and even to go fishing, but society allows anyone to have a dog and any kind of dog they prefer. It would be a good thing if a license for dog owners was required to own a dog and a requirement of that license was to obedience train the dog in the basic commands. The dog could be purchased as a puppy and given a temporary permit requiring the owner to bring the dog back at a certain date and demonstrate competency in the basic obedience commands.

With this type of licensing and control we could even get a control on neutering dogs. It should require a higher priced license to own a non neutered dog. Neutered dogs are less likely to roam especially if they are proficient in the basic obedience commands. There is no reason to own a non neutered dog unless you are in the breeding business. If you are in the breeding business then a higher licensing fee is just a cost of doing that business and it will help reduce the millions of puppies born that just end up in a shelter.

If a dog is chasing squirrels it is just pointing out the real problem of a non trained and therefore non disciplined dog. Again a licensing law designed to make owners more responsible for their pets and encourage these owners to train and neuter there dogs would all but eliminate the many problems that discourage owners and end up putting good dogs into shelters where they lose there lives. It is very unfair that a good dog should go to his death just because he ended up with irresponsible owners that failed to educate the dog to become a valuable and enjoyable part of the family.

The answer to squirrel chasing and any other problem vented by most dog owners can be solved by education of the animal making him an enjoyable part of the family and also a source of pride for the owner of a well trained dog.

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