Tips on canine dance training workshops

Canine freestyle or dog dancing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is an excellent activity to share with a canine, while training and exercising them. Many obedience, agility, and conformation people have discovered that k9 freestyle is a fun activity that allows the dog to relax and improve their performances in the other areas. People who just want to have fun with their dogs love it too. The sport is new so finding people qualified to assist in your training is often difficult. Look for seminars, workshops, and others in your area who are also interested. Join email lists to become familiar with the availability of training. is a site where email lists can be found, and training specifically for those who hope to teach the sport. There is one annual Tools for Teachers Workshop, designed by the K9DanceSport Education & Resources committee, presented in different areas of the country, to assist potential new teachers to enable the growth of the sport to continue. The first annual Tools for Teachers Workshop was held in Phoenix, Arizona, May 2006. It was a success with participants learning from 3 top trainers. The second annual Tools for Teachers, is the K9DanceSport Education & Resources Spring Festival being held in Weyer’s Cave, VA. This Spring Festival includes 7 top trainers (two from outside the US) and has registered participants from all over the US. It promises to be an awesome event. Anyone available for this workshop will find more activity, education, and fun for themselves and their well trained dog, than they know what to do with!

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