Tips for successful dog adoptions

Animal Fallout from the Housing Foreclosure Crisis 100’s of dogs need to be adopted!

This is a new headline in the news over the past few weeks, as the home foreclosure crisis gets worse and many folks with pets are losing their home. Their pets are being taken to animal shelters because rental properties, former home owners are moving to, will not allow them have pets. These pets may be just the right fit for many people, who would like the home trained pets. The chewing stage is over and most are potty trained, perfect dogs for older people as companions or families with kids looking for animal playmates or single working women who don’t have time to train a dog, but sure would like one to love.

When you begin your search for a dog, please be diligent about understanding what the dog needs, as well as what you want………..or what you “think” you want in a dog! Check out animal shelters and dog rescue organizations, they have many wonderful dog who need good homes. Mixed breed dogs have been some of my best pets over the years, so do not feel you have to have a pure bred dog. I will take a ‘Heinz 57’ mongrel over the $1,000 purebred most days.

I am a pet care provider and here are my suggestions for successful dog adoptions:

1. Always consider getting your new dog from an Animal Shelter First…too many great dogs are left and abandoned. They are waiting to go home with you and Mixed Breed dogs are among the smartest on earth.

2. Older dogs “can be taught new tricks” and many of them are housebroke! Sure they may have some behavior tics, but so do you!

3. Research the dog breed you are considering. Why? Some breeds need large open big spaces to run and play….others adapt well to apartment life. Some dogs do well with children and some Do Not! Learn about the breed of dog you are considering.

4. Medically, have the dog you select checked by a vet before making the final commitment or make sure the pet owner or shelter gives you the health paperwork and name of the vet who knows the dog.

5. Once you choose the dog, get some training. Yes, you the pet owner need to be trained, not just your dog. I believe some of the best dog training takes place at home with the trainer helping you in your home environment.

6. Consider your Pet Food wisely.Check out the Health Food Store for your Pet and even Wal-Mart is selling organic dog food these days which is affordable and not $35 a bag.

7. Check out websites for free info on dog training and supplies.

8. REMEMBER ADOPTING A DOG IS A LIFE LONG COMMITMENT! Have patience and seek advice when you feel frustrated about problem behaviors. Just like a child your pet’s behavior is telling something is missing or perhaps wrong with your dogs world and life.

9. Get you dog registered and keep their shots up to date! Animal Shelters always offer low cost vaccination clinics at various times during the year.

10. Check out pet insurance. It is more affordable these days and it sure beats giving your dog up because you can not afford to pay for a health issue or accident.

11. REMEMBER DOGS Truly Want To Please…Love…and Be Loved!

12. Be a responsible pet owner and have the pet you adopt neutered.

AND FINALLY……take lots of pictures….exercise your dog regularly….and tell them daily how much you love them!

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