Tips for leash training your cat

So, you want to leash train your cat? First of all, you want to start leash training your cat at a young age, when he or she is a kitten. You may want to start finding information on how to train your cat to the leash and harness. Go to the local library to find out what you can on leash training your cat.

There are two books that are highly recommended:

Cat Training in 10 Minutes by Miriam Fields-babineau. This book has very good information on how to do just about anything on how to train your cat. It has very good pictures that show in detail on how to go about training your cat to various areas. It gives you step by step photos on how to train your cat. With leash training your cat, it shows excellent photos on how to leash and harness train your cat.

Everything Cat Book. This books has very helpful information on how to train to your cat to the leash and also harness train him.

Here are some tips on training your cat to the leash and halter.

1. Have the kitten sniff the leash and harness.

2. Let the kitten play with the leash and halter, so they get used to them.

3. When the kitten is tired, slowly, as to not frighten the kitten, put the harness over his head and adjust it so it fits.

4. Make sure that he won’t try to get out it. If he struggles, then take it off and try again later. If he doesn’t, then let him wear it for a few minutes each day. Let him get used to wearing it.

5. Once he is used to wearing the harness, then hook the leash to the harness.

6. Let the leash trail him. Let him get used to something trailing after him. He may not like it at first, but he should get used to it.

7. Once he is used to the leash, slowly introduce him to the outdoors. He now has to get used to you trailing behind him.

Let him go where he wants, but make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble as you go along with him. Like climbing a tree. Then slowly began to train him where you want. Give him treats and encouragement into doing what you want and not what he wants. He will slowly begin to understand that he should go where you want to go. Encouragement and treats are the best when you want him to go where you want to go.

By having a lot of patience and understanding, you should have a well trained cat that is leash and harness trained. It may take longer than you want, but done right then the cat will live to be well behaved and happy cat.

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