Tips for introducing cats to dogs, and dogs to cats

Is peace among newly introduced pets possible? Pet peace is possible. Many times I have read or heard that a new pet is abandoned because it could not get along with other pets in the family-au contraire-to the contrary. Following are easy steps to take resulting in enjoyable experiences when pet owners know how to manage and eliminate pet wars-especially if you love pets. In addition, included are quotes from our world’s great writers and artists who grasp the wonder and wonderfulness of cats and dogs, our pets.

The focus of this article encompasses the introduction of a new pet cat or dog into a one or two pet group of the same. Approach this task like preparing a recipe. The ingredients you will need are: lots of patience and love, common sense and a willingness to listen and understand the communication your pets offer. One hint is to keenly observe your pet’s body language and habits. Does the pet wiggle? Is the tail held high or low? Is the pet very active or sedentary? It may be helpful to keep a written or photo diary of events and times each event occurs. Patterns develop over time. A best practice is consistent, fun-loving pet and owner communication. If you think you don’t have the ability to understand your pet’s communication, I encourage you to research the many books written about the topic. Essential ingredients to peace among newly introduced pets can be learned. Most likely, if you already have an enjoyable and happy relationship with pets, you also have a basic understanding whether realized or not.

Examine your motivations. Can you take care of one more living thing? This responsibility does not streamline your life, but it does offer you enjoyment-a quality stress reducer. Do you have children you would like to teach? Teaching children how to be kind to animals is a common human value. Would you like to understand vital principles of relationship? Some pet lovers even go so far as to believe that successful professions are based on the talents derived from human/pet relationships. Aldous Huxley, famous English writer, wrote, “If you want to be a psychological novelist and write about human beings, the best thing you can do is keep a pair of cats.” If you appreciate cats, you can appreciate famous artist Leonardo DaVinci’s statement, “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

Of additional importance are the joy, play and comfort you provide for your pets. They listen to your tone of voice. They

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