Tips for general pet care – Part 5

Just feeding and watering your dog daily is not all he needs. Remember, daily teeth brushings are essential, especially with small dogs who tend to have more dental problems than large dogs. Daily or weekly coat brushing is advised to keep your pet’s coat shiny and flea free. Monthly heartworm preventative is a must. In certain climates, it is ok to take them off the preventative for a few really cold months, but another heartworm check is needed to start them back on the preventative, so cost wise, you might want to keep them on it. Annual exams along with vaccinations are not only imperative to good health, but also some vaccinations are required by the law, such as rabies shots. Keeping the nails trimmed helps your pet walk better and keeps them from scratching the kids. If your pet won’t let you trim its nails with nail clippers, try using a heavy duty emery boardat least it will knock off the sharp edges. Most of all, remember hugs and kisses. Dogs and cats both love to receive special attention, so when the kids are in bed, or out playing, take a few extra minutes to hug man’s best friend.

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