Tips for general pet care – Part 4

Our Cocker Spaniel is named “Carmel”, because, well…because, we name our pets after deserts, (which is my daughter’s idea of a tradition). Carmel is a sweet dog, but she has “issues”. When any family member enters the house, as they lean down to pat her, she will squat and pee. We tried to laugh it off, even calling the puddles, “Lake Carmel” as we went for the mop. Also , we compared, who got the largest puddle as sick as that may sound (Winner cleans all!)

I begged the vet for information, but he was’nt very helpful.”You just want to be a team player, don’ cha girl?” said he, as he playfully ruffled her head. ” No, I mean I want to know how to stop her from doing that.” His only response was to give me a copy of a page from his veterinary handbook.

There, in the middle of the page, was a short paragraph, which explained: Submissive Urination occurs, when the dog wishes to show his complete submission(humility), state of compliance to pack leader, alpha dog.

To avoid, but not necessarily correct this problem, the dog, the jumping hysterically,begging for your attention, lunatic dog, must be approached calmly at his own level, i.e. the floor. Still in all, we found that this low approaching was still best done on linoleum.

She has bath issues as well. Here is the most important piece of dog washing trivia I know. When, the dog is soaking wet, and you can tell he’s going to shake, grab his tail, or his back end and, hold it still until you can tell the urge has passed. This will save you an unecessary shower. The dog doesn’t seem to care. He will try again , but be quick, because a dog can’t shake, if he can’t start with his tail

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