Tips for general pet care – Part 2

There are several basic tips to ensure a happy healthy pet.

First is clean food and water.

Water always needs to be available, and all food even seeds get stale , so don’t wait to exchange a full dish for fresh food and water. Do this daily.

Next is cleanliness.

A clean cage, liter box, or area for business needs to be kept clean and free of waste. Germs grow in these areas, then they smell, making it unpleasant for your pet. Think about how do you feel using a dirty toilet?

The other part of cleanliness is bathing and grooming. Even though its a hassle some pets need daily brushing, others only occasionally. It keeps loose pet hair at its minimum, and makes for a happy family. And for small pets ,some prefer a sand bath to distribute natural oils.

Then we come to shelter.

Great shelter ensures the proper environment for your pet starting with the proper cage or “home base” where its food water and elimination supplies are kept.

Next know that the best environment is near the family. Weather it’s a bunny or puppy, the initial purpose was to have a loving new family member in the home, not a pent up animal outside in the rain and snow 24/7.

Keeping your pet indoors with you, in a room were the family gathers will brighten everyones day. And it give you plenty of opportunities for animal enrichment. This means giving them chew toys, petting, playing, or just talking to them.

Now there are also appropriate times to play outdoors.

Naturally for dogs they need to walk, run ,and in general get plenty of exercise daily.

For cats it’s been proven that they live longer if kept indoors, but they can learn to walk on a harness for a little routine buster.

Rabbits, Guinea pigs and chinchillas love to stretch their legs, and do well in old playpens or runs.

And why not on a warm day bring your bird’s cage out in to the yard.

Even gerbils and hamsters enjoy a little time in the sunshine in a high deep edged sand box(to prevent them from jumping out)

But always remember safety. When you take your pet outdoors they need to be supervised. but if you leave a pet alone it may become prey, can run away, or eat something not good for them, so stay close.

These thing will make a happy pet and a happy pet makes a great family member.

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