Tips for finding a missing cat

Ok, so you have run into every pet owners nightmare, your cat has gone missing. Your first step is to remain calm, start by going outside and calling your cats name . Not all cats respond to their name like dogs react. Ask nearby neighbors, stores, and anyone walking by if they have seen your cat. Make sure to provide a picture and or a good description. Make sure to leave your phone number with the places and people you ask. This way if there is a sighting, then they can call you right away.

Call local animal hospitals, clinics, and shelters. Make them aware of your missing feline. Also calling your city animal control officer and police department would be a very wise idea. Instead of going from place to place to give out flyers of your lost cat, simply fax the flyer to different places. The flyer should included the name of the cat, a picture, color, approximate weight, and the breed. Also state if the dog has any medical conditions and also state if it needs medication. Make sure you also include your phone number, cell phone number, and address.

If your cat has a microchip, mention that as well on the flyer. A microchip is a small device implanted in between the shoulder blades through a large syringe. The microchip contains a number. The chip can be scanned with a special scanner that most animal hospitals, clinics, and shelters have. When your pet receives a microchip, you have to call the company and register the pet. This way if the pet gets lost, and it is scanned, the number that appears can be traced to the owner. So microchipping your pet is always a smart choice.

Another way to try and find your lost cat is to go to places where your cat liked to wander or hide. Cats like enclosed small tight spaces. They like to hide their especially if they become frightened. Sometimes a cat will go to a place it recognizes or smells familiar. Check nearby places that have dumpsters or garbage cans. If your cat is hungry enough, he/she will try to find the easiest way to eat.

Place flyers on telephone poles, business windows, and anywhere where there are alot of people. This way people from near and far can see the flyer and be aware of your missing cat. Place an add in your local paper reporting your missing cat.

It is limited to what you can do when your cat goes missing. Just be patient and keep trying, and good luck.

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