Tips for dealing with a stray cat – Part 3

So, you’ve found yourself with a stray kitty and you are wondering what to do? Well, you’ve got several options.

Are you considering keeping the cat? Keeping the cat isn’t a bad idea, if you are able to provide for it. Of course, you really need to take the cat to the vet to get it checked out because strays can often have diseases. If the cat seems afraid of being handled, I wouldn’t recommend picking it up because cats have rather sharp teeth that can bite, you know? I wouldn’t bring the cat inside or introduce it to other cats until it was checked out. You don’t know for sure if the cat is litter boxed trained. Cats are very peculiar creatures and will often fight when introduced to another cat. You wouldn’t want a stranger intruding into your territory, now would you?

If you don’t want to keep the cat, I would provide it with a nice meal and call animal control or your local shelter. They can remove the cat from your property. However, because of limited room at shelters there is a chance that the cat won’t be adopted. You might want to see if there is a no kill shelter nearby that will take the cat, so you will know that the kitty will be safe.

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