Tips for dealing with a stray cat – Part 1

Stray cats can be tough to deal with sometimes. Have you ever seen a starving stray cat peering out from the bushes, meowing and looking up at you? Most people do one of two things, try to scare it off or try to get it to come to them. Most people tend to feel sorry for their meagerness and feed them out of sympathy and compassion. Doing this brings you a faithful new pet if he is tame and a suspicious scaredy cat that wants to hang around for the food, if it isn’t.

Anyone with kids at home knows that the minute there is a stray cat at the door and the kids see it, they immediately want to make it the new family member. Promises of how good they will take care of it pop out of their mouths like a hot air popcorn popper. Many times kids bring home the strays they have found and then you have to deal with the pleading child and the stray. Talking to your children about picking up strays, could help solve this problem. Usually, children have just picked up one of your neighbors cats or kittens. If you can bribe the cat into coming close, check and see if it has a collar and locate it’s owner.

Talk to the neighbors to see if they are missing their cat or kitten. It could just be your neighbors cat, who lives a few blocks away and the cat got chased by a dog, or cannot find his way home after a night of cat calling the town. If no one claims him put up fliers with a picture of the cat. Many people are willing to adopt unclaimed cats this way. Put an ad in the lost and found sections and free sections of local newspapers and free Internet type classifieds, everyone likes something for free, so throw in a bag of free cat food. Seal up the garbage or put it in the garage. Strays come around for access to food and other cats. Feed you pets and cats indoors or pick up their dish rather than leave it outside. Strays love free food and will come around if they know it is there.

Fix your pet. Yours might be in heat and attracting the strays. Fixing your cat can be a solution. If you plan on finding it a home or keeping it, it is easier to do if you clean it up, take it to the vet and spend a couple of bucks getting shots and fixed . They are easier to adopt too. Check with the local vet to see if it is micro-chipped or if they are familiar with who’s pet it is. If you can’t keep it, or don’t want to, contact a save a pet organization these are organizations that adopt homeless,unwanted or stray pets, there are pet sanctuaries nation wide. Of course, you could always just ignore it and hope it strays it’s way back to a familiar place, like it’s own home.

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