Tips for dealing with a stray cat

Planning to raise a stray cat? Making a stray cat a pet can be a frustrating experience. Stray cats are not friendlier like the household cats. If you want to want to tame a stray kitten to a pet, it requires patience and commitment of time from you. Millions of stray cats are being raised as pets around the world.

Make sure that cat is stray:

One best way to note a stray cat is really stray is to offer food. If the cat takes most meals from your home, chances are that the cat is stray. Once the initial hurdle is crossed to trap the cat, find the nearest veterinarian and make an appointment with him. Warn the clinic that the patient is a stray cat.

While taming the feral cat, it is possible to get scratches and bites. A stray cat will be more terrified of humans. In case of any major or minor scratches, the cat must be quarantined and medical attention must be sought.

Get the veterinarian to examine:

Feral cats must be examined by the veterinarian to check for any types of contagious diseases and fleas before letting inside your home. Get vaccinations for rabies. The blood of the stray cat must be examined for the presence of viruses.

Transfer the pet to a carrier:

Mostly people tend to use a trap to capture the stray cat. Be every careful to transfer the stray cat to carrier with bedding. Bedding can be old human clothes which may allow it to get accustomed to human smell. Leave sufficient food for the cat for 2-3 days before transferring. Keep it away from other pets and children.


Meanwhile, make soft reassuring tones with the cat to make it friendlier for two days. Get near the cat from behind. Do not stare at the kittens for prolonged period of time. Use a towel and get hold of the cat from behind. If the cat appears to be calm, repeat the process several times. Provide kitten foods and other pet foods. Stroke the cats often with finger tips or pet brush to demonstrate your love and make it more friendlier.

It may be easier to transform some stray cats to pet while to tame some can be more difficult. Your patience, love and commitment could turn your desire to a reality in the long run!

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