Tips for choosing cat food


“You are what you eat” is a saying that applies to cats as well as people. Finding the best cat food for your pet is important because you want her to be healthy and strong for many years. Pet owners may sometimes think that just because something is labeled “cat food” it must be good for their cat. That’s like believing that fast food is as good for you as fresh, organic vegetables!

When choosing the best cat food, the first thing to look at is the ingredients. Avoid brands that contain “meal” or meat by-products rather than real meat. These foods are less nutrient-dense, meaning you actually have to feed more to your pet in order to meet her nutritional needs. This can result in an overweight kitty who is predisposed to a whole host of health problems. Also avoid artificial preservatives and colors. These are just as bad for your cat as they are for you.

Premium Brands are Best

In general the best cat food is one of the premium brands. These brands seem to cost more, but the cost is offset by the fact that you can feed the cat less food. It will also save you from health care costs in the long run, and you will have a happier, healthier pet that is likely to enjoy a longer life as your companion.

According to our research of consumer ratings (and the taste buds of our own pets), the best cat food brands include the premium brands Iams and the store brand Purina One. While Iams has recently been associated with the pet food recall, the company has now eliminated byproducts (it was byproducts used not only in Iams but in many cat foods that were contaminated) from its ingredient list. Purina One is a less expensive alternative for pet owners who really cannot afford a premium brand. While it does have some less desirable ingredients that include fillers like corn meal, flour and byproducts, it has more high quality ingredients than most store brands.

What about treats?

Treats should be given sparingly. Of course, like other kinds of pet food, the best cat treats are free of artificial ingredients like dyes and preservatives. One of the most popular pet treats is a product called Greenies. These treats are not only something cats love, but they also help to control tartar and keep your cat’s breath fresh. They are especially good for cats who give you are hard time about brushing their teeth!

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