Tips for choosing a caregiver for your pets while youre away

Much to our dismay, there are times our pets just can’t be with us. As responsible pet owners, we know that when those times occur and we must have someone care for our pets. Who should that be? How do we know that our pet will be taken care properly? These are tough questions that must be answered. There are several ways to find the right answers to those important questions.

The first recommendation is to check with your veterinarian. The clinic or hospital they you use may offer a boarding services. If not, there may be people who work there that would be willing to care your pet, in your home or in theirs, while you are away. Chances are you (possibly even your pet) already know or know of this person. This person has experience, if not specialized training, to care for animals. There is also the peace of mind you will have knowing that if an emergency should arise, it would be taken care of promptly – no excuse like “lost your vet’s name and number, sorry.” If no one at the veterinary practice can care for your pet, ask your veterinarian to suggest someone. Despite the recommendation, always do your own research (references, the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, etc.) before leaving you pet.

Another recommendation is to have your local animal shelter/rescue board your pet while you are away. You will know your animal is good hands because they have experience caring for animals. Also, you can feel as if you have done a good deed by helping the shelter/rescue generate additional funds. Because they rely on donations and good public relations, they will do all they can to make sure you are satisfied with the services they offer. One bad report from an unhappy pet owner and their shelter suffers damages they may never recover from. If the local shelter/rescue doesn’t offer a boarding service, just like with your veterinary practice, there may be someone who works or volunteers there that would be able to care for your pet. Usually, the employees and volunteers have had background checks, but always do your own research. Things can change since the last time the background check was done.

Your dog’s groomer may offer a boarding service as well. This is a good option because, like with your veterinary clinic, you know this person and so does your animal. Your groomer may have a special kennel area set up for boarding pets or could even do it in your home or theirs. Even though you may have done business with your groomer

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