Things you Should Bring When Bringing your Pet Cat on a Trip

Can’t leave your dear pet cat behind when going on a trip? Bear in mind that there are a lot of things you have to bring if you decide to bring your cat along, and here are some necessary and important items you should remember to bring that will make life easier for you on your journey.

1. Leash, Harness and Identification tags. You will definitely have to let your cat out of its traveling cage for some fresh air, and to ensure that it does not run away while you are going to the restroom or getting some food, put it on its leash, with its tags on. Regardless of its struggles to get free, hold on tight and put the leash on. If it does get away from your grip, make sure that the length of the leash is the farthest it goes. To be safe, leash it before leaving the safety of the vehicle.

His harness must always be locked secure, and his identification tags should not be removed, especially when you let it leave its crate. An ideal leash is extendable and reels up to ten to fifteen feet. These are usually small and light and therefore your cat will have plenty of freedom and yet you are able to control it.

2. Pack its food and water for a quick bite. Therefore, you can always whip up some food for your cat anytime, anywhere. Hard cat food is advisable, and prior to the trip, get your cat to be used to the food, as so to simplify the feeding process while traveling. If you must feed your cat moist food, a can opener, scoop or fork are to be added onto the checklist, so you can still feed your cat its meals.

One important thing you should never forget is fresh water. Anytime your cat is thirsty, you would have a bottle ready for it to quench its thirst. Traveling is tiring for your pet as well, and give it enough water to make sure that it does not dehydrate. Do not neglect your pet, as you wouldn’t want a sick and weak pet when you arrive at your destination.

3. Always put your cat in a carrier or crate. If you’re flying to your destination, check that your carrier is approved by the airline. Also, be very sure that the crate is made out of high impact plastic, or other material, and is very sturdy. The ideal size of crate for your cat should be a crate that allows your cat to stand in it and turn its body around. Too large a crate may not be good as well, unless you plan to travel long distance by car, then it would be more suitable. Make sure there is enough space to have a litter box in it as well, especially if you cannot stop to let your cat out to answer nature’s call.

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