Things to consider when choosing a dog

In recent years it has become increasingly common for dogs to be seen as more than just pets. Dogs have become family members. From haute couture fashions to massage therapy, the options for spoiling these canines are endless. Dog lovers everywhere are spending loads of money and getting more involved with daily doggy life to ensure their dogs are treated as genuine family members.

To maintain the ultimate comfort of these spoiled pooches dog owners tend to go all out. Dog-sized baby cribs, plush sofas, and heated dog beds make lounging and sleeping a breeze. There are even bed ramps for the ease of climbing into bed and eliminating the need to jump up. Of course, this is quite helpful for dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia. Doggy spas that offer massage therapy are also a popular option for comfort. Message therapy can reduce the stress and tension of everyday doggy life and ease muscle and joint pain. Riding in the car can often be a bit frustrating for small dogs that are too short to look out the window. To remedy this, many owners purchase doggy booster seats that can be installed in the passenger seat to give those little guys a well padded lift.

Not only do dog lovers take their canine family members on car rides, but they also take them along to just about everywhere else dogs are allowed. This is usually pretty easy for dogs that have lots of energy and can keep up with the family. There are options other than walking for less athletic dogs. Dogs in strollers, bike trailers, and dog carriers can be seen out and about on the streets of most metropolitan areas.

Many dog owners would never let their pampered pooch out on the town without up to the minute fashion. Pet stores carry clothing for all dog sizes and all occasions including formal wear, t-shirts, hoodies, leather jackets, and even socks and boots to keep those paws warm. Holiday appropriate outfits are also available, especially during Halloween when costumes are available for dressing dogs up as just about anything imaginable.

Providing entertainment for dogs is also becoming a regular occurrence among dog families. Off leash dog parks are popping up everywhere, some of which have access to bodies of water for a nice swim, fully fenced areas for dogs that tend to wander, and separated areas for small dogs that get intimidated by the larger breeds. Owners are throwing parties to celebrate their dogs’ birthdays, doggy weddings, and to welcome new dogs to the family. Dog parents that are unable to be with their dogs during the workday have also been taking advantage of daily dog walkers, dog specific DVDs to keep them engaged, and doggy daycare.

As family members, there is just no end to how we can spoil and show our love for our dogs. The best part about that is there is no end to how much unconditional love our dogs can show us in return.

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