Things that are poisonous to cats

Your cat is one of the most inquisitive creatures around today. Whether they are inside pets, live outdoors, or a combination of both; you have to be constantly aware of what kitty is or has been into. This of course is no easy task. Common sense is a big help to these animals; your common sense, not kitty’s. Remember if there is something that you do not want your cat to be around, they will find a way to get to it. If you think something could be harmful or know that it will be harmful to your pet, keep it put away in a safe, cat-proof place. By “cat-proof” I mean preferably behind a door or in a cabinet with a lock on it. Being a cat owner requires a certain heightened awareness on your part. Your cat has a certain proclivity for getting into trouble; unfortunately most often this trouble comes with a capital T!

Your cat, because of it’s curious nature, has a way of acting on what it is thinking at the moment instead of being cautious. Once kitty’s interest has been piqued it will most likely keep repeating this behavior until it gets what it wants. This is where your knowledge will possibly save your cat’s life. By making yourself aware of what is dangerous or poisonous to your pet and knowing the symptoms of these poisonous items; you and your Veterinarian could save the life of your best friend.

The list of items that are poisonous to your cat(s) is numerous. These range from household and outdoor plants, to miscellaneous items such as chocolate and all forms of medications, human and animal alike. Tylenol and antifreeze are the two leading causes of fatal cat poisonings to date. There are numerous websites where you can find comprehensive lists of poisonous items, their toxicity levels, symptoms to look for if you think your cat has been poisoned; and other helpful details. Remember, your cat will live a longer, fuller life if you can be pro-active in it’s health and well-being. Try to think of your cat as a small child (with fur of course) and act accordingly. Be cautious of everything in your pet’s environment, because most often all it takes is a small amount, or even for your cat to rub up against something harmful and then as it grooms itself, the poison can enter into the body. Please visit the following websites and familiarize yourself with the information they contain. If you are a pet owner, this information is invaluable for your peace of mind and for your pet’s health.

( Go to the “Living with your pet->First Aid Section. This site covers everything from plants to drugs, household products and miscellaneous items. Some of the ones listed may shock and surprise you.

( This site lists indoor, outdoor plants and holiday plants. They also list the symptoms of poisoning.

( This site has a comprehensive list of plants that are poisonous, listed alphabetically.

( Has another detailed list from household to car products (not just antifreeze is poisonous), to houseplants and medications that are fatal to your pet.

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