The Top Five Steps to Toilet Train Your Cat

Most cats are easily litter trained, providing that you train them from as early an age as possible. They quickly learn to relieve themselves in the same place whenever they need to. This makes your life a whole lot easier, as you do not always have to rush to let them out.

Then again, with litter trained cats comes a dirty litter box that stinks up your house. Wouldn’t it be nice if your cat could use the toilet? Well, did you know there is a way for you to train your feline friend to use the toilet? Sound hard? Well, it’s not. Here are the 5 simple steps to toilet training your cat.

1. Newspaper Training Box

Your cat must be trained to use a litterbox before it can use the toilet. Make sure you use newspaper in their litterbox when litterbox training and after. It comes in handy later, since litter cannot be flushed down, and newspaper can. The closer to the bathroom or toilet they will be using will help later on in the five step process.

2. Moving the Litterbox

It is impossible to jump straight from the litter tray to the toilet. Your cat likes routine and they will go to the toilet in the same place as they always do. If the litter tray is moved too much then they could refuse to use it. They have to feel comfortable and so this means you have to move the litter tray closer to the bathroom in stages. Moving it a little each day will slowly help your cat to get used to going in a slightly different area.

3. Lowering The Sides Of The Litterbox

As you move the box closer to the toilet then you need to trim down the sides of the box. Since the box needs to be as similar to the toilet as possible. If you don’t trim the box down your cat will notice the drastic difference. (Use caution when using a plastic litterbox. Make sure when you cut it down that it does not have any sharp edges.)

Lower the sides of the litter tray down as you move the box. That way once again the cat will be getting used to the new routine gradually.

4. Place the Tray in the Toilet

When you have managed to successfully move the litter tray into the bathroom and you have trimmed the sides down, it is then time to place it in the toilet. Make sure that it is tied to the toilet at first so that the cat will not fall off it once it jumps onto it. If something were to happen it would scare your cat and they would not go near it again. So ensure that it fits properly. Be patient with your cat as they learn to use the new tray. It could take them a while to get used to the new routine!

5. Cut a Hole in the Tray

Finally, once your cat is used to jumping up onto the toilet and using their new litter tray, it is then time to cut a hole in the bottom of the tray. This will ensure that whatever the cat does in the tray will immediately fall into the toilet. Once the cat is used to this setup, you can then take the tray away completely and they will happily use the toilet without any fuss.

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