The Safety Leave It- A MUST for every dog! – clicker dog training

This is a great exercise to teach ANY dog! You can train ANY dog to do never go for dropped food ANYWHERE… Or you could train your dog never to go for dropped food only in the kitchen. I like to toss food as a reward for my dogs when training complex tricks and obedience. So I let them go for food that I throw during training sessions. If you plan to NEVER let your dog go for dropped food, then when you are training you need to have a release cue like “get it” to mean your dog can go for the food you throw or you could ruin your default leave it from dropped food. However most dogs are very smart and understand the situational cues. Clicker Training, Dog Training, Dog Training Tips, Dog training tip, how to train your dog, how to teach your dog to leave food, how to teach your dog to leave dropped food

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