The risks of spaying your female cat – Part 1

The old saying, ‘Breed Like Rabbits’ should be changed to ‘Breed Like Cats’. I do not think there is any other animal that seems to breed faster than cats. Except maybe fruit flies.

The sadness in it all is that now there are millions of feral, homeless cats all over the United States. Rather than enjoying the warmth and safety of a loving home, the attention of loving people, and knowing a meal will always be provided, these unfortunate cats spend their short lives searching for food, being injured in fights with other cats, dogs and wildlife, or being killed by cars.

I belong to a group who routinely traps these strays, but rather than dump them off at the local animal control facility to meet an untimely death, we have them spayed or neutered, innoculated with a rabies vaccine, monitor them for a day or so to make certain all is well, then release them back where we found them. We then have volunteers who monitor these ‘colonies’, making certain they are fed, etc.

In the small town where I live, this group has already altered over 400 cats in a little over a year! How many thousands of cats will not be born to an unfortunate life on the streets because of what these caring individuals have done, all on donations?

Most people trap stray cats then haul them off to be euthanized at the local animal control facility. This of course, is heartless, but also useless, because when cats are removed, new colonies of cats move right in. So the killing never stops. The trap/neuter/release program does work, because the cats remain in the colony, without letting new ones in, and without the colony growing due to new kttens being born. This program has been in use in Europe for decades. Also, ask any animal control worker about the cost of euthanizing stray cats, and they will tell you it is expensive. Who pays for this? We, the taxpayers!

The problem with America is the ignorance of people. Most people do not seem to realize (or care) that we euthanize 10 to 15 MILLION dogs and cats in this country EVERY YEAR! Many of these animals are just kittens and puppies, who never get a chance to live because there just are not enough homes for them all.

When I try to urge people to spay or neuter their pets, I get some very silly reasons why they are reluctant to do so:

*The animal will get fat.

(No, the animal gets fat for the same reason people do-too much food and not enough exercise)

*I just can’t do that to him or her.

(Spaying and neutering is the humane thing to do, not only to prevent more litters of unwanted animals, but also, it makes a better pet. Pets should be companion animals, and one can not be very companionable if they are taking care of litters of unwanted puppies or kittens)

*Every animal should have at least one litter.

(WHAT?!? People who believe this ignorant notion are placing human emotions on animals. Just because YOU want to have kids does not mean your pet does family planning as well. Animals breed because nature tells them to)

*Altering my pet will make him or her mean.

(WRONG! If anything, altering your pet will make him easier to handle, as he will not have his mind on chasing females, fighting, etc. I have had every pet of mine altered over the years, and I have never, ever seen a change in personality)

Until people wise up and also start to care, we will continue in the killing of millions of unfortunate animals each year. How sad. And how telling of the true nature of the people of this country.

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