The risks of letting your dog run loose

Never let your dog run free! Even if you can trust it.

What can happen? horrible things!

Most dogs that run free have a risk in taking part in a terrible incident.

From my knowledge, dogs are usually killed or injured by cars.

A 3,000 pound car and a 30 pound dog?!

Whose gonna win!

your dog can also get lost. Dogs are not like humans!

They may not always know there way around.

Pet dogs do not know how how to survive in nature!

To prevent this, you can walk your dog, and let them know your area.

Your dog could possibly bite a stranger!

This is not good! You could get sued, and your pooch could get taken away!

To prevent a incident of your dog:

buy a electric fence

buy a in ground leash

use a walking leash

build a fence


If your dog is running away, try this:

simply taunt it with treats

use one of your dog toys

go over to your dog, and say it’s name a deep toned voice

do not chase after your dog!

use something other than a toy or treats to excite your dog

taunt your dog with a sound

get other than one person help you retrieve your dog

use another household dog to bring in the free Dog.

trap your dog some sort of way

With past experience, dog usually come when you taunt them with human food.

Dogs usually run to their favorite toys.

How to find a lost dog:

hang posters or signs

make sure to include accurate information

offer a reward, to catch the eye

contact your local animal rescue league, to see if someone has already found the dog

look around your local area

ask friends, family, neighbors, etc.

leave food, water, or treats outside

never give up

call your dogs name

ask people to help you search

think as if you were a dog, where would you be?

look at areas where you have found your dog, or other dogs before.

wish for luck


Fences allow dogs to run free, without the owner having the fear of the dog getting loose.


Most provide dogs with large space. Great for going potty!


Cheaper than fence. Allows dog to feel free, with a large space.

usually trusted by owners, not always.


Lets you and your dog walk together.

Good for exercise.

Some provide dog with large walking space.

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