The problem with Hollywood making a dog breed popular – Part 3

There are a lot of problems with Hollywood making a dog breed popular. When “101 Dalmatians” came out people were running out to get Dalmatian puppies. They didn’t realize that Dalmatians grow up and are hyper and need a lot of room to run. What ended up happening is that the shelters ended being crowded with these dogs that were so popular due to the movie. People chose not to educate themselves on the breed and what it required.

When they started having the Chihuahua that was in the Taco Bell commercials people were going out and buying Chihuahuas. The little talking dog saying “Yo quiero Taco Bell” was not as easy to take care of as many people thought. Again people didn’t bother studying the breed and making sure that the breed would fit their particular lifestyle. Now that “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” is out I’m sure that people are thinking that that breed is the way to go again. If only people would research the breed before they signed on for a lifetime with a pet.

When “Shaggy Dog” came out there were people trying to find dogs like the Shaggy dogs. Nice mixed breeds were being overlooked because they were not in the popular breed at the time. “Beethoven” came out the same story was true in some areas. “Underdog” wasn’t a very popular movie, but I bet that there were some people out there thinking that Beagles were the way to go.

You will see Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, etc. walking around with these little dogs that they can shove in their purses. These so-called stars will be seen with a different dog all the time. They don’t care if they get one cute dog and trade it back to the pet store or shelter when they find something that is cooler than the last dog that they owned. I would hope no one would follow the examples of these women, but if people chose to do that, they are risking a lot of dog’s lives. Kimora Lee has Pomeranians and I’m sure there are some of her fans that are dying for Pomeranians. They may not realize how hard the hair is to comb out or that they sometimes have joint problems.

Basically, the problem is that when Hollywood has a movie, commercial, TV show, or anything else with a particular breed people run out and want to get that dog because they think it’s going to be like the very trained dog on the screen, which is not the case. Be sure to educate yourself on the breed you are interested in. Some certain breeds have health problems and behavior problems that you will not find in other breeds. Don’t neglect the mixed breeds. Sometimes they are the most well-tempered dogs out there.

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