The problem with Hollywood making a dog breed popular

You need to understand why there are so many problems associated with Hollywood making a dog breed so popular. First of all, the dogs we see in the movies serve some kind of purpose, usually in relation to the movie, maybe a hero or a sidekick. Whatever it is that the dog does in the movies is what it was trained to do, so there it is. They are trained dogs. People watching a movie may be interested in getting a particular breed of dog after they see how it is depicted. They might often think that when they get the exact breed, it will act the same way it did in the movie. However, that is not the case. You as a real life owner will have to train the dog in order to bring about certain qualities that you desire of the breed. Just as the owners of the dog in the movies have trained and coached it to do on screen. It’s a show dog. This point is based on the movie aspect of Hollywood.

Another more realistic way to look at it is from the celebrity standpoint. So everyone in Hollywood has a pet, usually a dog, which is carried on their arms, or in little designer bags. The dogs are mainly little pooch-type looking dogs. Most of American society looks up to celebrities as role models. The reason for the assumption is based on the purpose of popular media, who aims to promote show business, and the life of celebrities, for example, you might want to get their “look” etc., because it is the cool thing to do. Its one way you can identify with them, so why not do the same? So get a dog of similar breed to have around your home, or sport on your arm just like they do. This might not be a problem, but like the first point, you need to know what a kind of dog fits your personality or get it trained. It is not always the way it looks when they are sighted with their dogs.

You’ve decided that you’re interested in or adore a certain type of dog which is potential pet candidate. Guess what happens when that particular breed of dog becomes popular? Since it is big in Hollywood (this can also happen anywhere else), then the dog itself and maintenance is going to cost more. Well, not so much the maintenance, if you are skilled and can do it yourself, but the price of the dog will be different. After all, it has become popular and the celebrities are all over it. This makes it hard for regular people to own the same type of dogs, because they cost so much. This is definitely a big problem. Thanks to Hollywood.

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