The popularity of cats as pets in the U.K

Cats are usually so intelligent that they have you hooked under their velvety paws before you know it. There are more pet cats than dogs in Britain at present and here is why…You get one and before you know it…you cannot live without another..etc..etc…etc.. Cats know how to arrange themselves beautifully, and are far more of an asset than any exquisite, expensive accessory for the home. They rarely break things, the exception being my Maine Coons as they are the lumbering clumsy giants of the cat world, but not too often. Cats are home-lovers and so if you have reliable back-up then days away shouldn’t be a problem. How did I end up with 3 Maine Coons and 2 moggies. Well, they needed me is all I can say. What better way to wake up than with a rumbling purr beside you, well, two or more rumbling purrs!

Now comes the difficult bit, cats don’t smell. I love dogs but..however clean you are, and however hard you work at it a dog has an oder about it. It’s meant to. Providing you’re cats are neutered and spayed, there is no smell of cat. Cats don’t bark, or jump all over you’re guests, however they make take a liking to an individual and curl up on a knee. They are in control and you obey, however, if peace is what you want, then give them a hearty meal and they will sleep it off for most of the day. Cats don’t require walks on a dreadful, wet, cold, January evening, instead they will gaze at the unlit fire and will you to turn it on. They know whats good for them. Yes cats deserve their popularity…..Long Live the Cat..

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