The personality of classic orange tabby cats

An animal’s personality traits are as diverse as those attributed to humans. Cat’s have as individual a personality, as does any human. Personality traits for domesticated animals are part genetic and part environmental. Therefore when choosing a pet cat it is important to observe the behavior of the parent cat and the environment the feline is coming from.

First correction that this article requires is that Tabby is not a feline breed. Tabby actually applies only to the color and pattern of a part of the American or just plain Short Haired breed of felines. Secondly the classic orange color is actually referred to as Red Tabby. This includes all shades of orange from deep reddish fur to the yellow fur. Most people believe it is classic for the tabby to be orange because of the common American stereotypical depiction of this short haired feline. For example, Morris the Cat from the commercials, or the cartoon depiction of the Red Tabby, Garfield. There are Red Tabby long hair breeds, as well.

With that clarified, let us get to feline personalities, in general. It is seems that the common belief is that this color feline has the attitude that is referred to as “Tom”. Tom refers to an outside, un-neutered male cat. The actual definition is: the male of an animal species; tomcat.

Toms are typically believed to be wild and unkempt, with attitudes and a personality one would attribute to such creatures. Again, tabby or tom does not refer to how a cat behaves, as much as it does their color, sex and living environment.

Behaviors common to most domesticated cats are as follows:

Cats tend toward independent behavior. They do not need to be walked. Grooming, being combed or brushed, is not much of a necessity at all. This is particularly true of the short haired breeds. Feeding and watering are necessities, other than that your common house cat will find a comfortable chair, windowsill or high bookshelf to groom himself and nap.

Most cats, indoor and outdoor behave in what would be described as an aloof or uninterested manner. Meaning they do not seem to care much about the goings on of a household. Unless of course they hear the can opener or cat food bag rustling. Humans tend to attribute this behavior as personality, and at times it is the personality. Cats sleep often, this is not just an appearance. They do sleep often during the day. Cat’s are predatory and have the behaviors and habits of a predator, including a night life.

Cats have

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