The most amazing dog in the world: dog training tricks

Splash the Border Collie is the most amazing dog in the world. My brother wrote the song in the video for her. She is not only the smartest dog in the whole world, but the most caring dog I know. Splash is always there for me when I feel down. I train Splash and all my other dogs using Progressive Reinforcement Training, which means training without any forms of physical or psychological intimidation. This means I always set the dogs up for success and when they fail, I know it is because I screwed up, so instead of telling my dogs “no” or “eh eh” I change the way I train so that the dogs learn correctly. By doing this, my dogs can always choose not to do something. But actually my dogs always choose to work for me (apart from one day when Splash was very ill and by her not wanting to do a trick I found out about her illness). This way of training is very important when you train tricks, because if your dog feels pressured to do tricks because of social pressure, your dog might not “tell you” if a trick is causing him pain, or if you’ve asked for too many tricks in a row. I believe this is the most ethical, safe and reliable way to train, not only for training tricks, but for behavior modification training. Splash used to be highly reactive towards all humans and all dogs after being attacked by a dog as a puppy. With time and effort Splash learned to first trust me, and then feel confident in herself. Now she is a most wonderful, social dog. My youtube channel contains

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