The merits of adopting a dog through a rescue league – Part 2

Walking through an animal shelter is distressing. To see all the heartbroken animals housed behind metal bars is enough to bring any animal lover to tears. Most of these animals are there through no fault of their own. Abuse and neglect by their loved ones takes them there.

Many of these animals are doomed to spend the rest of their very short lives in cages. Only the luckiest find a new home. Abandoned dogs do not understand why they are there. All they understand is that their home is gone, and that they have not seen little Johnny in a while. They are surrounded by strangers and are hardly ever allowed out for a run or a play.

Many people hold misconceptions about rescue dogs. They think that these dogs must be savage to have been abandoned. They are unwilling to take a chance on these dogs, and they would prefer to buy a cute puppy from a pet store. The fact is though that most of the dogs that are in shelters are the victims of irresponsible owners.

The most common reasons a dog is in a shelter include: abusive or neglectful owner; unwanted litters from dogs that have not been fixed; the dog was never trained as a puppy and grew up willful and disobedient; the owner did not adequately estimate the time and cost involved in raising a well trained dog; or the owner did not research the breed before purchasing the dog and had no idea how big a great dane would get.

If you read these carefully, you will realize that none of these problems were with the dog: they were all with the owner. Any potential dog owner needs to be aware of their own limitations.

One of my dogs is a rescue pet, and he is the most loving, health, happy dog! He gets along well with my other dog, and absolutely loves to play with children. He has never bitten anyone in his life, although he is considered to be one of the “danger” breeds. In fact, I am pretty sure he would help burglars carry our TV out instead of trying to stop them. I have never regretted buying my lovely boy from a rescue society, and I will not hesitate to purchase any future additions to our family from a similar organization. I may sometimes have to buy a new hose after he has eaten it and he may sometimes shy away from loud noises, but I could not ask for a better friend than him.

Please do not just dismiss dogs from shelters. I am positive that you will be able to find your perfect match if you just go look. The shelter staff knows the dogs in their care and can discuss your needs, and the dog’s needs, to match you up perfectly with your new best friend. Please give these neglected death row inmates a second chance at life. Do a bit of research on puppy mills and backyard breeders before buying from the paper or your local pet store and you will be glad you did.

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