The merits of adopting a dog through a rescue league

“Furgus” that’s his name. He is a bit “agricultural” in appearance and most certainly an individual. He is a Maltese-Poodle miniature – and he loves to teach.

After recently losing my beloved old Girl “Oli” a Belgium German Shepperd my husband decided that it was time to give a good home to a “pawphan”. Feeling the loss of our matriarch pet my husband and I needed to rebuild our family.

We had recently added a new furred friend to the family a baby Maltese Lassapso – my baby. For weeks my baby “Burbs” barely moved after “Oli’s” passing. Humans and dogs alike pine – this is a reality. It was time to be proactive and rebuild the family. Oli was a seizure reading dog – my protector so hubby and I decided to play-it-forward and resuce a pound puppy.

As we sponsor our local RSPCA shelter it was as simple as picking up the phone and then popping in to get a little baby boy. Unaware at the time that we were buying our very spoiled little girl Maltese-Lasaapso her very own pet. In her mind anyway. However Furgus thru his suffering had some lessons to teach all of us.

Yes you did read the earlier statement correctly. We purchased “our pet her very own pet”. Unique in concept I know – but “Burbs” my Maltese lasapso was unaware that she was a dog. In her mind she was the “human child in the family” and the latest pound puppy addition Furgus was her pet dog – a gift from mum and dad.

Back on topic. Let me answer the question as to why rescuing an abandoned animal is such a worthwhile experience. Firstly it heals your soul. Secondly it heals the animals soul. Thirdly if you buy a designer breed aka miniature pup like my “Baby Love Burbs” a e.g., RESCUED dog that has survived as a dog, and that knows it is a dog – in our case Furgus the pawphan will undo all the training mistakes you have made with your “spoiled mutt”. The added bonus is hubby recieved a bit of traing too (o:

Furgus “Our pawphan” (shelter purchased puppy) has brought endless joy to the household. He has also restored the balance of power and taught his parents (that would be myself and hubby) how not to raise a “spoiled baby that won’t do what it is told”. Furgus has taught Burbs that she is a dog – and they are now pea’s in a pod. Two furry white shadows following each other everywhere.

If you are like myself and your pet is your baby, rescue a pet who will cherish every second with you and help train you not to spoil your animal into becoming a horror. Rescued animals teach evoking respect and empathy.

We have the two most beautiful, obedient, loving and spirited little pups courtesy of adopting a pound puppy from the RSPCA. Our pound puppy Furgus taught us to be good parents – he’s our little mascot. A lesson for the heart and soul.

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