The life expectancy of cats

There are many variables that determine the lifespan of a cat. One of the most important is that the cat be a purebred, since many different breeds of cats tend to live longer than others. I have a 24 year old Siamese, who would still pass as a much younger cat. This is not to say that Moggies will not live long, but breeding does come into it.

The second most inportant thing is how you feed and take general care of your cat. Agood diet certainly helps by keeping the cat in good condition, as does regular Worming, and of corse keeping the cat free from fleas. Fleas actually drain minute amounts of blood from a cat, and obviously the more fleas, the more blood taken, therefore the more strain on the cats system.

None of us can 100% guarantee that our cat will not have an accident, so really, I don’t think that event should be taken into the cause of longevity. Needless to say, a house trained cat which lives indoors 24/7, therefore is not subjected to the vageries of climate, stands a better chance of a long happy life.

Therefore, I would say breed for longevity, feed for it, and good animal husbandry will see the average cat live a long, healthy life.

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