The Joy Of Cats

In the ongoing battle of cats versus dogs, pet owners continue to sing the praises of their animal of choice. While dogs are vastly considered to be the more family-friendly pet, cats have their own equally enthusiastic fan club that can easily rattle off the attributes of their feline in-residence. The truth is that cats – loyal, loving, and often misunderstood – are just as popular in the world of pets as their canine counterparts.

The history of cats goes back nearly 9,000 years to ancient civilizations. Always the skilled predators, cats were often relied upon to keep vermin at bay. But there is also speculation that cats were kept as house pets as early as 7,500 BC. We do know that ancient Egyptian civilizations revered cats – so much so that anyone convicted of killing a cat was put to death. Cats were often even mummified along with their owners.

Today’s domesticated cats are beloved fixtures in many a home, a valued and loved member of the family. There are literally dozens of breeds of cats from which to choose – the personalities of each separate and distinct. Deciding which of these beautiful cats would best be suited to your home and family is largely dependent on the disposition of the cat in relation to your lifestyle. There are many breeds of cats that – in keeping with their species’ tradition of independence – are completely ambivalent about human interaction. There are other breeds of cats, however, that enjoy and seek out the company of their human owners. The choice is ultimately dependent upon your own personality as it relates to pets.

Choosing to own cats means a dedication to being a responsible and caring owner; be sure to research the responsibilities of cat ownership including the nutritional needs of your cat, space considerations, and veterinary appointments.

Cats are wonderful pets and companions and having one in your home can be a joy for you and your family. Choose your cat wisely and prepare for an addition to your family.

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