The Importance of Finding a Professional Dog Trainer

So, what makes a professional dog trainer? In order for a person to judge on how each dog is to be handled during a dog training class, they must have experience. This is experience that is more than taking a couple of dogs through the initial rounds. This is the kind of knowledge that is gained from working with all breeds and under all conditions. The nature and characteristics of each dog has to be considered – the training method should be varied in order to meet the occasion.

The trainer has the advantage, only when he/she knows what they can expect and what the dogs’ reaction will be. A trainer foresees the dog’s next move and then decides whether or not to force the issue or to decrease the demands. It takes skill to know when to be gentle towards a dog and when to be firm. It also takes skill to when to reprimand and when to encourage. A good trainer is has essential qualities that give him/her the capability of coordinating their body movement with every move a dog makes in training and the result is good timing. This is the exact reason why so many trainers succeed and some fail. When a trainer is clear-cut in his actions that’s simply because he/she is experienced – they know what they are doing and so does the dog – this leads to respect! When a dog gains respect through admiration and not fear, this will bring a positive response. This is proof of a person’s one’s training qualities.

A dog can not be forced to like obedience but he can be forced to be obedient! The dog trainer should not be a bully. A good trainer understands that all training is every new step becomes easier and easier only if the previous lessons have been thoroughly understood by the dog. Experienced trainers do not fear retracing their steps briefly if it will give a dog confidence. The experienced trainer is also aware of the terrible effects caused by nagging so he/she will avoid it all together. A person who is patient does not become infuriated if results are a little slow in coming. The intelligent trainer thrives in making a dog feel accountable for the correction. Yes, he/she is kind but they are also firm. They will make obedience fun for a pet.

Surprisingly, a good trainer doesn’t always make a good training class instructor. Many will attempt to train dogs at home and give private instruction with success; however, when they are in front of a large group, they lack the important qualities of leadership. During the dog training class, its great to be able to work out a single problem, however, one has to be able to solve a whole host of problems at any given moment.

Additionally, the trainer director has to be likable. They must have the respect of his/her trainee. They must have tact and be very patient and broadminded of others. It is not always a piece of cake to train someone on how to accomplish what one is capable to doing on their own. A good training director will never allow the class to be in session for a long time when discussing one dog’s dilemma with the owner. He/she never holds back the group for a couple of unruly dogs. Dog owners with special needs must be asked to come before the class begins or stay after the training class is completed for individual instruction.

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