The dangers of feeding table scraps to cats and dogs

Giving your dog or cat table scraps is very dangerous to their health and emotional state of being. Feeding dogs and cats table scraps spoils them. It is bad for their health and relationship with you. Pets will think they can have whatever they want, and will always be begging you for scraps. If they stop getting scraps, they will misbehave and even act out in aggression. If you give them too many scraps, they will become fat, lazy, and pampered.

Scraps are nice once in a while, but there is a huge difference between human and animal food. Some foods are even harmful to pets including lots of chocolate, other sweets etc. There are lots of junk foods that humans should not even be eating, which get fed to pets like chips, pastries, candy, etc. Pets have to eat their own food, especially if you leave them behind when you go out on business or vacation. Pet food will also give them the nutrition that they need, which is different from the nutritional needs of a human.

While it may be hard to resist when your pet is begging for some scraps, you have to be strong and stick to a no. Pets don’t know what’s best for themselves and they don’t know what kinds of food are good or bad for them. Eventually they’re going to stop begging, so think about your pets health and don’t give in.

People food may be cheaper than dog food or cat food, but in the end you need to think about your pets need. If you don’t have the money to properly take care of a dog or a cat, don’t get one. An unhealthy pet is going to cost you lots of money in vet bills and make you have to take time off from work, so in the end it’s going to be cheaper to feed your pet their own type of food that’s specially made for them.

If you don’t have scraps, or are too busy to give them some, what will they eat? It is not good for a cat or dog to go hungry, especially if it is because they won’t eat what you give them. If you like to feed your pet lots of table scraps, just remember Garfield the spoiled orange cat who only eats human food. You don’t want to live with a Garfield do you?

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