The cats meow: What a cats noises really mean

The meow that humans hear is spoken strictly for interspecies communication. Veterinarians have expressed that cats own 16 vocabulary words, and they are all for their “pets”. Cats use purring tones and growling to communicate with other cats.

Every cat will use his “vocabulary” to let his owner know certain things. Understanding this form of communication is very similar to a new mother learning the differences in her baby’s cries.

Certain single meows are for hunger, call of nature, water and other necessities. Each of these distinct “words” will be repeated until the human understands. In the stead of understanding, the cat will resort to aggravating the pet into some action, even if it is wrong. Moving the pet is the hardest part of a cat’s communication to its human.

Over time, and when paying close attention, you can get your cat to respond to your questions or statements. You may already notice that your cat will “comment” when you fill the food bowl, change the litter box or bring out a box of cat treats. Listening to the noises your cat makes will let you interpret your cat’s needs, as these comments are the same “word” they use to draw your attention to his needs.

Other mewling, or combining of meows, is to show gratitude and affection. At times, this mewling will resemble singing or yodeling. More social cats will entertain their pets and special visitors with these noises.

Occasionally, mewling will signify that the cat is in pain or unhappy. Here, it is necessary to understand a cat’s tone of voice. This mewling will be more shrill, faster and connote urgency for the human’s attention.

While kittens learn to voice their opinions, they will use the same noises for different things. Having conversations with kittens will help them expand their vocabulary. Like human babies, they will attempt to imitate your vocal pattern from what they hear.

Even if your cat does not “speak”, the opportunity for older cats to learn to communicate with their pets is not lost. Although cats are considered antisocial, verbal cats are not uncommon, especially to pets who spend time talking to them.

Remember your feline’s highest compliment is to purr to you because this is when your cat has accepted you as a true part of the pride.

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