The best pets for young kids – Part 3

When choosing a pet for a kid you need to take in the consideration of their age, and whether they can handle the responsibility of a pet. If you have a young child the best pet would be a fish. The fish takes less responsibility than most pets would. If you buy an algae eater to put in the tank and have a good filter for the fish then the tank stays clean. All your child would have to do is feed the fish. This Will help prepare your child for the responsibility of taking care of a bigger pet. When they have taken good care of their fish, and it has survived, then you could consider getting a different pet for your child later.

You wouldn’t want to get a different pet for your kid unless he or she is ready for it. They need to learn the responsibility of taking care of any pet. When they learn this responsibility they will have achieved something, and it makes them feel great to know they are taking good care of their pets. That will make them love and appreciate their pet.

The best pet other than a fish for a young kid would be a small dog. one that is trained to go outside if you have a fenced in yard. That way they could feed it, but you being the parent would still have to make sure the dog had its shots.

A small dog or puppy would be small enough for your child to play with and hold. You would not have to worry about the dog attacking your child. It would be your kids best friend. If it is a puppy it will grow as your child grows up. The small dog or puppy would be more friendly than the bigger dogs.

The best pets for kids are usually any type of small animal, ranging from fish to small puppies. A hamster is also a good pet for a young kid, not a toddler, but a child as young as 4. A child at that age would be able to comprehend the responsibility of taking care of that pet. You would just have to show your kid what to do, then he or she can take it from there.

All kids love pets, even if it is only one they can watch, like a fish. There are many different types of pets for young kids, but the best pet for a young kid would be any type of small pet. It is easier for kids to take care of something small.

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