The best pets for young kids – Part 2

Most young kids want from a dog to a hamster. However some want more exotic pets. Like myself I was hit with wanting an iguana. Some parents are okay with having those exotic pets but others are not. If your a parent that wants your kid to have a companion that will be by his or her side then you would most likely look for a dog,cat, or something that would play with them and keep then entertained. In some cases though if your kid wants a lizard or snake then you better do a lot of planning ahead!

If you are looking at dogs or cats, then you should make sure that your kid wont get bored with it,and that he or she play with it. If your kid is looking at dogs then some breeds are better than others. If its a small kid then get a small quiet dog, or if your kid is a little older than look at dogs that play more and are bigger in size. Just don’t go overboard and get a St Bernard for a seven year old! Some parents think that there child isn’t responsible enough for a pet. If you think this then you should rethink buying a dog. If you think that your kid can’t handle a dog start looking at cats.

Most cats are nice and quiet when they mature to adulthood. However some stay just as playful throughout their whole lives. Most often parents buy their kid a cat when they think that their kid isn’t old enough or not mature enough to get a dog. With cats all you have to really do is feed them,water them, and change the litter box. Cats are fun but their curiosity can sometimes get the best of them! If you are looking to buy your child a cat then you should look at either buy a kitten or an adult cat. Kittens are playful but are easily stepped on or hurt. Adult cats are more independent and take care of themselves.

Snakes and lizards are often bought without any precaution about whats to come. These exotic pets require extreme time and care! Remember that snakes eat mice so don’t get grossed out when your see it being digested. Some snakes grow very little however some grow a lot. If you don’t want a snake that can eat your child then do some research on that particular animal. If your child is looking at lizards then it is usually not as bad. They are mostly herbivores. Yet some eat both plants and meat like my past iguana. If your looking at a lizard for a six year old then remember that they can bite just like any other pet. Some kids want lizards like the common iguana. This lizard may be cute and cuddly when its young but within three year it will usuallybe five feet long. So before you buy any reptile or any pet at all do the research and think about the future!

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