The best pets for young kids – Part 1

Cats and dogs are great pets for young kids, but you have to be careful about not just the breed, but the specific temperament of each.

First I will talk about cats.

Cats can be great pet and they don’t require a lot of maintenance, they go to the bathroom by themselves, you just have to take out the cat box regularly, or they will stray form it. Some cats are very loving, and some don’t like attention at all. This is why it is important to get to know the cat before you bring it home. Some cats are also easily scared, this probably is not a good type of cat for most young children, because the cat will learn to be scared by the child. You probably will want to get the cat declawed, because even nice cats will scratch you form time to time, either playing of because something scarred them.

Dogs are a great pet, but you need to find out what sorts of breeds are good for young children. Most dogs won’t hurt kids that are in their family. They consider the children part of the “pack.” Some dogs do get jealous, and you will be giving more attention to your children than the dog, so you have to be careful. Obviously a smaller dog would pose less of a threat than a big dog, although one of my friends has a golden retriever that would be about six foot tall if it stood on two feet and it is great with his kids, his youngest is about five.

If you can find a dog from a person you know it would be best as you can ask about the specific dog’s personality. They really are all different, and it will be important to find the dog that will fit best in your life.

There are a lot of other great pets for young kids, but these are the ones I have had the most experience with. Any of the pets I have ever owned would be great for kids.

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