The best pets for young kids

I have always believed that the best starter pet for a young child would be a fish. This way they can learn the responsibilities of feeding their pet and cleaning up after them, before the being nice, playing gentle, and other stages to learning how to care for animals.

Since we all know of the messes that smaller children can make, I recommend keeping the fishbowl out of immediate reach, but still low enough to where they can look at their fish anytime they choose to.

When it comes time for feeding pick your child up or set the bowl on a coffee table for your child to feed their pet. Do this only under close supervision. Children can drown in 1″ of water. Guide them during the process, but let them do the actual feeding.

When it is time for your child’s fishbowl to be cleaned, instruct, and help them in the process of cleaning the bowl. Explain to them that their fish is not allowed to just flop around on the counter-top, or be put in a bubble bath. Both will kill their pet. Help your child put the fish in another bowl, with the equal water temperature, until the bowl is cleaned. Again, guide your child during the cleaning, but let them do the actual cleaning.

Once they learn and are able to properly care for a pet, then I believe that they may be ready for a larger pet (cat or dog) to start learning how to properly handle a pet.

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