The best dogs for apartment living – Part 1

We as a society need to consider not only what is best for us but what is fair to others. You may wish to have a cute little pooch that will not take up much space in your apartment. It’s a sure bet that the neighbors prefer you choose your dog based on the the noise it creates. Is there anything worse than having a common wall with someone whose dog barks at every leaf that blows, every bird that sings and ever toilet that flushes?

No matter which breed you choose it’s important to remember that all dogs have one thing in common. They bark when they are bored. Every good dog owner is willing to fulfill their pet’s needs. Not only food and water but exercise and entertainment.

This being said, there is one breed that stands out as an exceptional companion for apartment dwellers. I just happen to own one of them, maybe my opinion is a bit biased, you think? Who could not love a pug? Yes, the breed that looks like their eyes will pop out of their heads,the “Men In Black” dog (Frank was his name), the dog that looks like it couldn’t stop in time when you threw the fetch ball too close to the kitchen wall and their brakes failed. I admit to being partial but here’s the thing…I was never a dog person previously. My opinion was that they were more trouble than they were worth. I’d rather have a nice independent cat who does not have to be walked, a pet that can be left alone when I wanted to spend the weekend away. Filling a large bowl with fresh water, laying out several days worth of dry catfood and setting up an extra litter box for use when the first becomes distasteful beats the heck out of paying a kennel $30 a day. Or so I thought. The irony is that now that I have fallen in love I would never consider leaving our angel in a kennel. She goes everyplace we go. I’m an expert at navigating dog friendly sites. We even have changed the location of our annual vacation because Angel has a favorite hotel in that city.

Now you may ask what all of this has to do with a good breed for an apartment dog. Well, I’m getting there. I was not a dog person, not until I owned a pug. Now I have seen the light. If I could be convinced that I want to own a dog for the rest of my life I have to think this breed is pretty special. She has taught me that a dog doesn’t have to be an inconvenience to own. A well trained dog is a pleasure as a companion no matter where you live and these dogs are effortless to train. Nothing is as important to them as pleasing you, they’d

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