The best dogs for apartment living

The best dog for an apartment can be any size but it’s important to make sure that the dog is good and tired.

There are also a few adjustments that will make your life easier, and make your neighbors more accepting of a dog.

But,lets briefly start with daily exercise.

Tired dogs bark less, lay around more, and more likely to listen when they’re told to do something. This is very important because if Fido is bored he’ll tear apart your property and more importantly someone else’s.

I once heard about a man who came home from work, and couldn’t find his dog.

Well, he soon got a phone call. The landlord was irate and demanded the man go get his dog out of the neighboring apartment because apparently the dog had gnawed through a closet wall, and was happily eating out of the neighbor’s knocked over garbage can.

So, if you can’t physically give you dog a good workout, I promise to write about how you can train them to use a treadmill. Fold up ones are apartment friendly.

On to leash manners. Very few people on the street and corridors of your apartment will instantly know that your dog is friendly.

One pet peeve of mine is when I’m walking my dog and someone has one of those ten foot retractables that allows their dog to enter our space.

It’s very intimidating, and even the sweetest dogs are still dogs and… being animals are they’re impulsive.

I know a lady who’s Achilles heel was torn because a normally calm Terrier decided he didn’t like the way she smelled.

If your pup isn’t trained to heel, make it a habit to keep them on a short leash.

The next best thing to teach your dog is to accept the crate.

Now I’m not a believer in keeping dogs in crates for long periods of times, but they do come in handy for short periods, like when you answer the door.

Again, non-dog lovers, and phobics don’t even want your dog sniffing them, and would appreciate your consideration.

Another thing that might cause some heat between you and other tennents are the litte gifts your pooch might leave around. (I’m sure your’re familair with droppings)

I aways carry at least three (dutty bags) while walking my dog, and we live in the country. Why, because I don’t like mowing over the stuff, and dog poop on a city sidewalk or curb by any other name is still… liter.

This brings me to the last and most controversial issue

The doggie litter box.

Growing up I never had a dog that was not paper trained. These breeds include German Shepards, Dobermans, Poodles, and my now beloved Siberian Husky.

This doesn’t mean I never took them out to do their business. That’s part of the routine, but I’ll share another story.

I was sharing an apartment, and my roommate was detained at work for a double shift and couldn’t make it home to walk her, outdoor potty trained Dobie mix.

When I got home after work, and a long leisurely dinner, I found Mitzy crouched and ashamed next to a smeared pool of diarrhea that was blocking the front door.

It was very obvious that she was sick as I found more business scattered around, but the point is Mitzy, if she were trained to use a newspaper lined underbed box, she would have had a dignified place to relieve herself.

We have to remember that as people on the outside we have to consider that we may be detained.

That said, the best dog for an apartment can be any size if you make the proper adjustments so that everyone involved is comfortable.

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