The Benefits Of Crate Training A Standard Poodle

A well-trained Standard Poodle is a pride of its owner and a joy to people around. That is why many dog owners, experts and enthusiasts alike consider training as an important part of every dog’ life. There are various ways and training methods in order for a Standard Poodle to become well-mannered and pleasant to be around. Regardless of the objective of the training, be it housebreaking, obedience or agility training, training for circus acts, guide dog or rescue dog, appropriate training method plays an important role in this part of the story. It is one of the contributing factors to achieve successful training result.

One method widely used and found effective by most experts is crate training method. Perhaps some might wonder how could some people find crate training effective when the process involves confining a dog. But contrary to what other people think, crate is in fact one of the best things an owner can offer his dog provided it is properly used. By nature, dogs are den-dwelling animals – they consider their den as a safe place they can call their own and can find shelter during cold and warm season alike.

A crate is used as a den substitute. It is one of the effective methods to help train dogs to act appropriately – eliminate at the right place at a certain time or chew only his toys not your precious shoes and other household items. Dogs will try not to soil their den as much as possible, thus motivating a dog to wait until taken outside. Just determine your dog’s regular potty time so that you can be able to take him outside at the right time.

A crate also provides safety during travel. Placing a dog inside the crate when transporting by car keeps him in place thus ensure safe driving, prevents him from becoming lost, prevents him from running freely where he is not allowed and prevents him from being hit if in case accident occurs.

Just bear in mind that the crate should not be used to punish your dog. Never lock up the dog and forget him for extended periods of time, especially without water and food. You may also want to add toys and soft bedding material in the crate to make it more comfortable for your furry friend.

Crate is indeed an ideal training tool – a must have for every dog owners.

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