The benefits of cat ownership – Part 1

We are a great national of pet lovers.

It is documented, that there are over 60 million cat owners in the US and 17.6 million in the UK.

These furry creatures come with a huge and long-term commitment. They are highly curious creatures communicating with the world around them through body language and a small range of verbal noises.

There is a wealth of documented research showing that spending time with your furry friend will help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and actually help recovery from illness.

Some Medical professionals believe that the cholesterol and blood pressures can be lowered when their patient’s pet cats sit on their lap. The warmth and love emanating from their body has many special healing qualities.

They also make good nursemaids; studies have shown that heart problems patients’ recovery time is increased. The vibration of the cats purring can help relieve tension helping the owner to relax. They are also good listeners often lending a quite ear to those who need to talk about emotional problems or are just lonely, they have a knack of knowing when we require some extra tender loving care.

Some families like us, consider our pet cats an integral part of family life, rather like another member who brings great social and health benefits to all ages.

After a great deal deliberation to what kind of pet to buy our daughter we decided on a small kitten. This little creature came home from our local pet shop and we are still unsure who picked whom. She was lovable and very independent, needing considerably less attention than our previous pet dog.

Our small shy child, who had many physiological and learning difficulties often, isolated herself from family life, was developing feelings of concern for her new friend’s welfare. In return, “Tabbies” rewarded our daughter with small gifts of baby birds, field mice, friendship and unconditional love. Spending time playing and having fun.

Over the first year we observed that our daughter’s social and speech skills were developing, together with a sense of responsibility for someone other than herself. The benefit’s for our family are immense.

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