The Basic Principles Of Toilet Training A Cat – Starring Ezmerelda

Ezmerelda is available NOW to anyone in the Utah area. Here is the ad I posted on KSL for her & the link to it. Free Halloween Cat To A Good Family – (Includes Core Vaccinations, Free Booster Shot, Dish, Food, I have a great halloween cat that would be perfect to join your family during the halloween season. Ezmerelda has already been vaccinated & is due for a booster shot that has already been paid for with the Foothill Animal Clinic located at 2675 East 2100 South (Parley’s Way) in Salt Lake City. Just call 801-485-4738 anytime after November 12th to schedule it as it has already been paid for by Mike Seiler. She has already been vaccinated with the core vaccines, she is good for Distemper, Feline Lukemia & Rabies. When she is taken in for her booster shot she will get the Feline Lukemia & Distemper shots again free of charge with the booster. She recently had some kittens that already have happy homes. The same clinic could provide spaying services if you want Ezmerelda to be an outdoor cat or help out with mouser activities.She is great with my four boys & is VERY well behaved. I wish I could talk my Fiance into keeping her, but 3 of us are allergic to cats in my family. Please call my cell at anytime if you are interested in taking Ezmerelda. 801-502-9260 ask for Brian. Free Toilet Training Resources: These references contain the basic principles, my personal kit or advice is to use items you can get at the dollar store

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