The Ashera: Would you pay $22,000 for a cat? – Part 4

Assuming, of course, that I was wealthy enough to afford anything of that price on a whim, and also assuming that I was looking to purchase a pet that would attract attention, thereby boosting my bloated ego, as well as provide years of friendly companionship, the Ashera cat may well be something I’d buy.

These are no ordinary cats, as if the price didn’t clue you on to that right?

Where does such an extravagant price come from anyway?

Well to start, these cats are genetically monitored to ensure each kitten is pure enough to be a real Ashera. These being domesticated, fully socialized felines bred from a cross of two wild cat breeds, the African Serval and the Asian Leopard Cat, with an otherwise everyday, run-of-the-mill so to speak, house-cat.

The result is a leopard-spotted, tiger-striped, cat weighing up to 30lbs and sought after only by the elite, for only 100 of these exotic pets are available each year, with only 50 of them able to be brought into the United States.

$22,000 not only buys you this exotic pet, it also includes a Certificate of Authenticity with a picture of your pet’s DNA (though how they hell they do that I don’t know), it is mandatory that the pet is spayed or neutered, has an ID microchip implant, a one year guarantee against defects or malignancies, its health is complete and up to date, you get a year of free pet-health insurance, a starter pack that boasts toys, treats food and more, an airline certified pet transporter and a Veterinary Certificate allowing your pet to travel.

I feel the idea behind owning a cat like this is the same as a horse-lover wanting an Arabian over a quarter-horse, or a dog-lover preferring his pure-bred pup with his neighbour’s half-breed. People want to boast of their pet, and the price aside, the Ashera is a sure bet that yours will be the talk of the walk, for these cats are said to be docile and are often leashed and walked like a dog!

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